The CFJM: a pedagogical assessment that illustrates the dynamism and adaptability of the centre over the past 30 years

Vincent Chamaret, President of the CFJM, warmly thanked all the members present on this occasion.
Karine Picot-Coupey, Director of the CFJM, gave a pedagogical report which reflects the adaptability of the CFJM during this year complicated by the pandemic. Turning the crisis into an opportunity, it was the occasion to develop relationships with Japanese companies in France or French companies with links to Japan. The general assembly was also an opportunity to discuss upcoming events to mark the 30th anniversary of the creation of the CFJM this year.

David Alis, President of the University of Rennes1: “The CFJM, a nugget of the IGR-IAE Rennes, of the University of Rennes 1″

The President of the University of Rennes 1, Mr. David Alis, present for the occasion, reiterated as a preamble the attachment of the University of Rennes 1 to the CFJM and its Master course Management of Japanese Companies.

Mr. David Alis, after having warmly thanked Mr. Vincent Chamaret and Mrs. Gwénaëlle Poilpot Rocaboy, Director of the IGR-IAE, greeted in three points the assets of this innovative training in several ways:

  • “Firstly, the choice of Japan, made thirty years ago, was one of the very first axes of internationalisation of the IGR. It was a very strong choice to offer a course that would give a thorough understanding of the culture, language and practice of business in a country that was considered at the time to be difficult or even inaccessible.
  • “Secondly, an innovative conception for having put the company at the heart. A training course designed from the outset with and for businesses”.
    With the invaluable assistance of Mr. Pierre DURAND, professor at the IGR-IAE Rennes, Pierre Legris (founder of the LEGRIS Group) called upon the network of Japanese companies and their legal representatives: Jacques Legall for Canon, Vincent Chamaret for Mitsubishi and Bernard Angot for Kenwood. Convinced by them, the three Japanese companies actively supported the project.


The decisive support of the University of Rennes 1 and the local authorities, namely the City of Rennes, the Department of Ille et Vilaine and the Region of Brittany, enabled them to win the tender and create the Franco-Japanese Management Centre.

  • “Thirdly, an innovative and demanding model in its very conception, strong in our values integrating the care and support of students in Japan.
    After a year in Rennes, the students go to Japan for a year to perfect their Japanese language skills and learn about the Japanese work world through professional experience.


Upon their arrival in Japan, students are guided and supported by a local association: CFJM Dososeï. This association is supported by former students who have been living in Japan for many years and is now a key element in the success of the students.

In conclusion, Mr. David Alis greeted a magnificent adventure that is being renewed, a “nugget” of the IGR-IAE and the University of Rennes 1. Mr. David Alis: “I am very proud to celebrate a beautiful anniversary. We must continue!”

Mr. David Alis expressed the wish to see the CFJM take its part in the future University of Rennes and contribute to the development of internationalisation, stimulate reciprocal exchanges with a country, Japan, which remains a strategic partner of our university.
Mr. Sébastien Le Picard, Vice-President for European Programmes, recalled the creation of the international Franco-Japanese laboratory UMI 3629 LINK (Laboratory for INnovative Key materials and structures) in collaboration with the National Institute for Materials Science of Tsukuba as proof of the continued commitment of the University of Rennes 1.

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